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Corporate Wellness is the umbrella term for programs that encourage optimal health and wellness
among employees in the workplace. There is plenty of evidence to support the impact Corporate Wellness programming has on 1) return on investment, 2) increased productivity, 3) reduced health care costs, and 4) reduced employee turnover. Erin is an expert at creating engaging and educational nutrition and health programs to motivate your staff to optimal well being. She provides a selection of Corporate Wellness programs but is always open to new ideas and collaborations.




Are you prioritizing the health and wellness of your people? Research suggests companies who invest in their employee’s physical, mental, and social well being witness an increase in employee retention, productivity, ROI, and a stronger company culture. Integrating a comprehensive wellness program at work is the simple solution to keeping an office full of happy and healthy staff.

Erin’s main focus in corporate wellness lies in her engaging and relevant workshop seminars. Group learning is a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large number of employees. The group setting lays the foundation to support each other in making healthier choices. She transforms scientific information into easy-to-digest learning. if you are invested in the health of your employees, her workshop series are a chance to facilitate learning while strengthening company culture.




IN-HOUSE Nutrition Consults

Erin provides half day or full day 20 minute individualized consultations for your staff. She reviews current health concerns with your staff who then walk away with practical strategies to attain their health goals.  Dietary, supplement, lifestyle recommendations will be addressed and recipes and health worksheets are provided. In order to benchmark targeted goals, Erin works with your people for a minimum 8 week period.


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Packages vary and are customizable. Please get in touch for our Corporate Wellness price list.