Congratulations! Deciding to work with a nutritionist is your first step to optimal health. Nutrition goes beyond food and incorporates social, economic, and personal choices. The impact families, communities, tradition, and habit have on our ability to make healthy choices cannot go unnoticed. Working with a Nutritionist one-on-one can be just what you need to uncover your true health potential. All services are subject to gst.


Basic Health Package 

totals 3 appointments over 3-6 weeks.

Step 1. Initial Consultation |  60 minutes
We review your health and medical history, discuss your current health concerns, and map out your goals. Diet, lifestyle, signs and symptoms will be assessed. Outside of this appointment, time is spent transferring your diet and lifestyle analysis into a comprehensive, individualized health plan.

Step 2. Health Plan | 60 minutes

Within a week of your first appointment, you will be presented with your individualized health plan. We will review diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations, meal ideas, and recipes. You will leave with a toolbox of sustainable strategies to support you on your health journey.

Step 3. 1 Follow-up Appointment | 30 minutes

Your follow up appointment is used to build knowledge of nutrition and wellness. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, prepare for challenging situations, and acquire new tools, resources or products to feel supported. It is during your follow-up appointment where we can revisit your goals and your progress, and pivot where necessary.


Future Follow Ups 

Single: $115/60 minutes
Package: $300 for 3 x 60 minutes


Kitchen Audits

Starting at $250/2 hours


Grocery tours

Starting at $150/1 hour

Follow up is crucial for sustained change. Follow ups can be used as check-ins, to set new goals, and to fine tune your current health plan. We will check in with your individualized strategy and tweak it to work for you. Recipes, meal ideas, and other resources can be requested in advance. Spacing of follow-ups is dependent on your health concerns; anywhere from weekly visits to monthly appointments.


Healthy food requires a healthy kitchen! During a kitchen audit, Erin visits your home and takes stock of your fridge, freezer and pantry. The benefit is feeling empowered to keep your kitchen full of wholesome food. She educates her clients on what they should keep and what they could do without (and why!) while offering a combination of demystifying food labels, understanding kitchen essentials, and proper storage and use of ingredients. Plus, she will provide meal prep ideas and simple recipes along the way.
*bundle your Kitchen Audit with a Grocery Tour (for a discounted rate).

Grocery shopping isn't for everyone. It can feel overwhelming and confusing. During Erin's informative Grocery Tour, you will get a sense of what to look out for when shopping for you and your family. She will walk you through the aisles to explain the value of different ingredients, decipher confusing labels, and show you some staples to add to your weekly grocery list. She will give you the low down on eating Organic, natural vs. artificial sweeteners, snacks, and eating locally/seasonally. If desired, feel free to bring your spouse along for the tour.
*bundle your Grocery Tour with a Kitchen Audit (for a discounted rate).



MEal Prep Session

Starting at $300/2 hours


Perfect for those who are motivated to get cooking but could use some assistance with kitchen confidence. Erin will provide guided instruction including hands-on prep and cooking. She will walk you through meal planning tools, kitchen hacks, holistic cooking techniques, and nutrition tips. Together, you will prepare 3-5 dishes that you can enjoy throughout the week. You will decide on the menu together and a full grocery list will be provided prior to her visit. With practice and educational guidance, it is indeed possible to become an intuitive home chef.



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